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List of best Mortgage Brokers in Australia

This is an online list of the best Mortgage Brokers in Australia. Use the top menu to find a Mortgage Broker in an Australian office. If you need a Mortgage Broker outside major Australian cities, just fill the contact form at the right side of this page.

Every Australian Mortgage Broker listed in this directory is a member of COSL/AFCA, either MFAA or FBAA, and complies with Australian regulations like NCCP and Privacy act. They are equipped with all the expertise and tools to get the best loan in Australia for your particular situation.

With Australian Prudential Regulation Authority putting their foot on the brakes of property investment, the lending rules are becoming even more complicated (as if they were not already complicated enough). Nowadays, one must be crazy to try getting a loan without a mortgage broker.

If you are still in doubt that in Australia a Mortgage Broker is a better choice than DIY, you must read what is a Mortgage Broker and why use them. We closely monitor customers' feedback to make sure that our directory lists only the best brokers in Australia. To find a Mortgage Broker in any Australian state use the map below.

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Australian property market is fuelled by desire to live in the best country in the world. Australian population is set to reach 35 million by 2050, but even now all the liveable land in major cities is pretty much taken. Unlike in US, it seems that you can't go wrong by putting your foot on the property ladder in Australia. Mortgage Brokers listed in this directory will greatly assist you with your home loan.

Australian Mortgage Brokers' services are not limited by home loans. If you need a new car, a Mortgage Broker is your first point of contact for a car loan. While car dealers are offering finance deals that sound just fantastic, you will be surprised how much money you can save by talking to a Mortgage Broker first!

Australian economy proved to be the most resilient in the developed world. Business loans are not as difficult to get as in other countries, but don't take the risk of DIY. Read why use a Mortgage Broker first.

If you already have a loan anywhere in Australia and need to refinance, don't automatically assume that your current lender is the best choice. Even if you want to stay with your current lender no matter what, with his/her knowledge of loan market Mortgage Broker may bargain a better deal with your lender.

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