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Business Loans

Business Loan Australian economy proved to be the most buoyant in the developed world and Business or Commercial Loans are pretty much BAU. Business Loans are given to start new businesses, expand existing businesses into new niches and locations, cover shortfalls in operations, buy new machinery, commercial vehicles, etc.

Business Loans are notoriously difficult to get. Unlike personal loans that are granted on basis of stable personal income, business loans often involve deep business analysis so that the lender could make sure that they don't lose money. During GFC many of them did, so they can't be too careful.

If you already have a Business Loan and need to refinance, then you should talk to a Mortgage Broker first. The chances are that this time either you are better off by borrowing from another lender, or the Mortgage Broker can negotiate a better deal with your current lender.

As with every loan you don't want to risk your credit history. The best thing is to have a Mortgage Broker as a part of your team when applying for a Business Loan.

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