Best Australian Mortgage Brokers directory

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Loan Purposes

Mortgage Brokers listed in this directory help with loans drawn for a number of purposes:

Home Loans

Home loans are inevitable, at least for those who is not planning to rent for their entire life. One can save enough cash to buy a car, but homes in Australia are so expensive and over long term grow in price so fast that Home Loan is the best option. Due to their size, Home Loans are long term commitments, and the lenders also have vested interest in those commitments being long. Securing a Home Loan that is optimised for you personally is not as simple as looks on the surface. There is a number of reasons why you should use a Mortgage Broker, especially taken the fact that you usually don't pay a cent to those listed in this directory.

Car Loans

If you thought that finance rates advertised by carmakers are just fantastic you were absolutely right. You won't see rates like that when you look for a Home Loan, so why the difference? The difference is that with Home Loan the lender does not set the price of the house you buy. Got the idea? Read more...

Business or Commercial Loans

Business or Commercial loans are sought by businesses for a multitude of capital and operational purposes. Under Business Loans fall loans to purchase commercial buildings, commercial vehicles, machinery, agricultural land, etc., or just bridge a gap in operational costs like wages. Commercial loans usually involve large amount of paperwork just to qualify for the Business Loan. Read more...


Refinancing is sometimes an obscure word for replacement of one debt obligation with another. There are quite a few merits for doing so, not necessarily related to Loans Consolidation. Loan Refinance is very popular with property investors as well as with businesses.

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